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Can I still contribute toward last year’s IRA contribution limit?

It depends.

Is it before April 15th (or this year’s tax deadline day)?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, you can still contribute under the previous year’s maximum.

The deadline to contribute to the previous year’s IRA contribution maximum is the closest business day on or after April 15.

What if I’ve already filed my taxes?

You can still contribute even if you’ve already filed your taxes.

How do I choose which tax year I want to contribute to?

On Stash, when you make a contribution, you will be asked which year you would like the contribution to go toward. If you’ve already maxed out your IRA for the previous year (go you!) then you’ll only be able to contribute toward the current calendar year’s IRA contribution limit.

What if it’s after April 15th (or the tax deadline day)?

If it’s past the tax deadline, then it’s no longer possible to contribute under the previous year’s IRA contribution maximum.

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