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What is a Corrected Consolidated 1099?

This is a tax form that consolidates all appropriate 1099 forms for your Stash Invest account into one single form. The Corrected Consolidated 1099 form replaces any other 1099s made available to you previously.

This form is relevant for all Stash investors who invested in All that Glitters or Real Estate Tycoon, even if you no longer hold this investment.

If you owned other Stash Investments, you will have access to a regular 1099 in February and then get your Corrected Consolidated 1099 on or around March 15.

This part is really important:

The Corrected Consolidated 1099 replaces the form you receive in February.

It’s really important that you wait until you’ve received the Corrected Consolidated 1099 to accurately file your tax return.

If you prefer filing your taxes early, it may be best to wait until you receive this form or consult a tax professional, since the IRS can fine you for filing your taxes twice.

Any specific questions related to filing your tax filings should be directed to a tax professional.

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