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I don’t see my direct deposit. How long does it take for it to transfer to my account?

If your direct deposit money is not in your account yet, don’t panic. Here are some common circumstances surrounding direct deposit.

You just started with Stash direct deposit.  

If you just submitted your Stash direct deposit enrollment form, remember it can take 1- 2 pay periods for it to start. This can add up to a month or more for some payroll schedules.  During this time, your paycheck should come the way it did before you started the Stash direct deposit enrollment process. Check with your employer’s payroll department or in the bank account in which you previously received your paycheck. 

It’s a holiday. 

Federal bank holidays can put a kink in many payroll schedules. Ask your employer’s payroll department if there is a calendar of scheduled deposits. 

It’s the weekend.  

If your payday happens on a Saturday or Sunday, you might want to wait until Monday to see if the direct deposit is processed.

There is a mistake. 

We’re all human, after all.  Double check to make sure your company’s payroll department has the following information correctly filed:  first name, last name, email, address, social security number, and your account and routing numbers. 

Something to consider:  timing quirks can happen, and we want you to be prepared. When you are able to, you might want to leave a cushion of cash in your Stash banking account to cover a few days of automatic payments— just for peace of mind.  

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