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How do I edit my Auto Stash amount/schedule?

You can edit your Auto-Stash by opening the app and navigating to the Auto-Stash page. If you are on an Android, this will be listed in the primary navigation menu. If you are on iOS, it will be listed under Account.

Adjust the Auto-Stash amounts

Open the Auto-Stash tab and select Set Schedule. This displays the funds in your portfolio, the total amount of your Auto-Stash, and which investments your funds are being allocated to. To edit the Auto-Stash amount for an investment, tap on the dollar value listed next to the investment. On the following screen, tap Set Auto-Stash. Set the amount, then tap Done to confirm your changes.

Change execution date

To adjust when the next Auto-Stash will take place. Tap Auto-Stash, then Set Schedule. Adjust the date you would like he Auto-Stash to occur.

To pause Auto-Stash, select the three dots on the upper right corn and Pause. Any changes to your Auto Stash will take place on the next execution.

Please note, you can only set up Auto-Stash for investments you currently own. If you do not own an investment, make a regular manual purchase and you will be prompted with an option to set Auto-Stash.

If you need further assistance, feel free to email our support team at or call us at 800-205-5164.

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