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How can I tell if I need to open up a new Stash banking account?

If you aren’t sure if it is time to open your new Stash banking account1, follow these steps: 

  1. Log into Stash. 
  2. Tap or click Bank
  3. Look at the card image at the top of the page. In the lower-right corner on the card image, it will say Visa or Mastercard®. If your card image shows:
    1. Visa: You have not opened the new banking account yet. Keep an eye out in the app and in your email for instructions on how to open the new banking account. 
    2. Mastercard: You’ve already opened the new account! 


  • Once eligible you will see a call to action button at the top of the screen. Click this button to start and complete the account opening process. You will need to accept our new banking Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, and other Agreements. 
  • We will automatically migrate your existing Auto Stash transactions to your new banking account. 
  • If you have direct deposit3 set up, you will need to cancel your existing direct deposit and set it up again with your new account and routing numbers. This process will not be done automatically. (If you need help locating your account and routing numbers, check out this article.) 
  • If your existing Stash Stock-Back® Debit Visa® is set up for a digital wallet, you’ll need to set that up again with your new Stash Stock-Back® Debit Mastercard®
    • For help with setting up your new card in your digital wallet, or removing your old card, check out this article.

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