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Why do I own less than one share of an investment on Stash?

In the past, investors had to buy a minimum of 1 share, so if a single share was $100, then that was the smallest amount you could purchase. Nowadays, companies like us can buy a single share and split it into parts. That way, you can invest in whichever EFT or stock you want without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a full share.

Here’s what happens when you purchase $5 worth of a single stock or ETF that costs $100 per share. We combine your $5, along with money from others purchasing that same investment, into a pool. We then use that pool to buy full amounts of shares. Then we send your portion back to you. Don’t worry, this is still your investment—you own it!

Keep in mind that this means you may not own a full share of your investment. At least not yet.

If you have more questions about partial shares, you can reach out to Support here.


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