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How do I link or change the bank account I have linked to Stash?


  1. Navigate to User Profile in the app by tapping your initials (iOS) or the hamburger menu (Android) in the top left hand side
  2. Under Settings, click on Manage External Bank Account 
  3. Select Link my bank account or Connect a different account
  4. Choose which way you’d like to link an external bank account to Stash: using your external bank’s ID and passcode (Instant Verification), or using your external bank’s routing and account numbers (micro-deposits)

With a successfully linked external bank, you are able to transfer money into Stash. The external bank appears as an option in Transfers.

In some cases, you’ll need to provide documentation in order to change your external bank account within 60 days. Please remember, we do this to protect you and us from fraud. 

Please note: When linking an external bank account, it must be a checking account. At this time, Stash does not support savings accounts, third-party, or business accounts (even if your name is listed on the account). You can link only one external bank account to Stash at this time.

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