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How Do I Opt In to or Out of Securities Lending?

Eligibility and Opt In To Securities Lending

If you signed up with Stash after August 2018 , you are automatically opted in to the Securities Lending program, when you have more than $50 in your personal brokerage account. If you signed up for Stash prior to August 2018, you will need to opt in via the app.

To Opt in Via the App:

  1. Navigate to the portfolio (ex. Invest or Retire) for the account you want to opt in to securities lending
  2. Tap the gear in the top right corner of the app
  3. Select “Securities Lending Program” under the “Manage Account” section
  4. Agree to the terms

Opting Out Of Securities Lending

Please contact customer support at or email


Please note, you may still get notifications of payments after the date at which you have opted out.



The use of Stash Capital as an introducing broker-dealer creates certain conflicts of interest for Stash Investments. Stash Investments receives additional revenue in connection with Stash Investments’ client accounts held at apex. This additional revenue is created by fees which apply to your account and account activities. Additional information regarding these fees can be found in the Stash Investments Advisory Agreement at Stash Capital will share in revenue earned on securities lending, FDIC sweep on credit balances, PFOF, and other ancillary fees generated by Apex. Stash Investments has an incentive to recommend securities that could be lent for this reason.

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