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How do I remove contributions or transfer or withdraw money from my retirement account?

Please note you may be charged penalties for transferring money out of your retirement portfolio early. Any penalties come from the IRS. For any specific questions, reach out to a tax professional. This will not cancel your subscription.

  • If you want to transfer invested money out of your retirement portfolio, you’ll need to sell any investments first until you have enough portfolio cash in your retirement account to cover the transfer. This amount will have a status of ‘unsettled sales’ for up to 3 business days. After 3 business days, the amount will be reflected in your retirement portfolio cash¹. 
  • When the proceeds of your sold investments are in your retirement portfolio cash, you can begin the process of transferring that money to your Stash banking account or external bank account. 

To transfer money out of your retirement account, you must use Stash in a web browser.

  • Log in to
  • Navigate to and fill out the withdrawal form
  • Once you complete this form, your money will be sent to your linked external bank account and will arrive in approximately three business days

If you are looking for information on closing a Stash retirement account, click here.



¹ If you’ve recently contributed to your retirement account, you may need to wait up to 5 business days for holds to be removed.

Stash does not monitor whether a customer is eligible for a particular type of IRA, or a tax deduction, or if a reduced contribution limit applies to a customer. These are based on a customer’s individual circumstances. You should consult with a tax advisor.

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