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How does Stash Invest work?

Stash is investing, simplified

Starting with as little as $1, start investing with Stash by your side.

When you sign up for Stash, we’ll ask you some simple questions and get a sense of your current financial picture. From there, we’ll recommend investments based on your custom risk profile.

Once you sign up, you’ll connect the checking account you want to use to buy your investments. Stash offers fractional shares, which means you can start investing with $1.

Your first purchase is up to you, but we’ll make suggestions for what might work for you based on your risk profile.  After that, start exploring investments based on your beliefs, goals, and interests.

All the ETFs on Stash have names to help you remember what they’re all about.

Individual stocks are listed under the company’s name (and they’re all pretty recognizable).

From there you can explore Stash Stock-back and other offerings.

That’s it: sign up, customize your portfolio, and boom! You’re an investor.

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