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Is my money safe?


When you use Stash, your information is encrypted and stored on secure servers.

Custodial holding

Your funds and securities are held by our custody and clearing partner, Apex Clearing Corporation.

At Apex, your investments are protected up to a maximum of $500,000 total, including $250,000 in cash balances through the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Please note: SIPC protection does not insure against the potential loss of market value.

Using the FDIC-insured Sweep Program

For uninvested funds, your Stash account is enrolled in something called the Apex FDIC-insured Sweep Program.

Deposits to the Sweep Program are covered by FDIC insurance up to the $250,000 limit per customer at each FDIC-insured bank that participates in the Sweep Program. Once your cash is deposited with the participating banks under the Sweep Program, such cash will no longer be covered by SIPC.

Learn more about the FDIC Sweep Program.

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