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How do I link my external bank account with micro-deposits?

To link your external bank account in the app:

  1. Navigate to the User Profile menu on the top left corner
  2. Select Manager External bank account under Settings
  3. Search for your bank by name
  4. If you can’t find it, select Link with routing and account numbers

This allows you to manually link your bank to Stash using a micro-deposit verification method. This requires you to provide your routing and account numbers. Once confirmed, we’ll send 2 small amounts (micro-deposits) to your bank account to verify that you are the owner of the account and have access to it.

You’ll see these deposits in your bank account within 1-3 business days. They should appear as separate items on your bank statement.

Once you receive these micro-deposits you can link your bank:

1. Find the amounts (less than $0.50 each) in your bank account from STASH CAPITAL.* We’ll withdraw these 2 small amounts once you’ve verified them.
2. Open the app and navigate to the User Profile menu

3. Find Manage 
External Bank Account under Settings 

4. Select Confirm Bank Account

5. Enter the two amounts and select Next

From there, any pending transfers you set up will be processed and you’ll be able to start investing.

*If you only see one small deposit, that means that your bank is adding the deposits together. Contact your bank/credit union and ask them to tell you the two separate amounts.

Please note: When linking an external bank account, it must be a checking account. At this time, we don’t support savings accounts, third-party, or business accounts (even if your name is listed on the account). 

For security purposes, micro-deposits expire after 3 failed attempts or 10 calendar days, at which point the process must be started over.

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