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My Stash account is locked. What should I do?

First of all, don’t panic if your account is locked. Locked accounts are unlocked very quickly for most users. As for why Stash might lock your account, we take protecting your money very seriously. Locking an account is one of the first steps we take to ensure your money is secure.

If your account is locked, there will be detailed information on what to do next in the app. There are some cases in which your next step is to contact our support team. In other cases, Stash might ask to review documents like a bank statement or photo ID. To upload documents:

  1. Open Stash app.
  2. Read information on your locked account. Tap Got it.
  3. Tap Unlock my account.
  4. At the document unlock screen there is information on what needs to be uploaded. To upload, tap the + icon and upload the requested document.
  5. Tap Submit.

You can expect a review of your account within 24 to 48 hours if you need to submit documents. Please make sure to upload all of the items requested at one time in order to prevent any delay in processing.  

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact support.


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