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Stash Banking: Account Setup Checklist

We’ve changed banking partners to Stride Bank, N.A.—an exciting step that comes with enhanced benefits for you.

Not sure if your new banking experience is fully set up? We’ve got you. Use this checklist to ensure you’ve unlocked all your new benefits.1

1. Add your new virtual Stock-Back® Card to your digital wallet.

Learn how to add/remove your card in your digital wallet here

  • You can spend and earn stock right away by adding your Stock-Back® Card to your digital wallet once you’ve opened your new banking account. Keep in mind, you will still receive a physical card in the mail.
    • Important Note: After you receive your new physical card in the mail and activate it, you’ll need to remove your virtual card from your digital wallet and add your physical card.
  • Your old card will be deactivated. Make sure to do a quick check of any automatic payments you had set up with your old card, and get those connected again with your new card. For questions around that process, contact the merchant(s) requesting payment. 

2. Find your new account/routing and Stock-Back® Card numbers.

  • Your Stash banking account and routing numbers have changed. Take note of your new account information so you can set up direct deposit and link your account to another bank.
  • Your Stock-Back® Card number has changed too. If you have your old card in your digital wallet, you’ll need to remove that card, then add your new Stock-Back® Card to your digital wallet. 

3. Get direct deposit set up.

  • Set up direct deposit with your new account and routing numbers, so you can get paid up to two days early.3 

4. Create new Goals.

  • While the cash from your previous Goals has been moved over to your new banking account, your Goals won’t carry over. You can create up to 5 Goals to help you budget and save for the long term. 

5. Set up auto-add cash.

6. Adjust automatic payments.

  • If you used your Stash banking account for automatic payments (like utilities, gym memberships, etc.) or linked your account to another bank, you’ll need to get those connected again with your new account and routing numbers. For questions around that process, contact your external bank or merchant(s). 
  • Please note: If you used Bill Pay previously, this will no longer be supported with your new account. You will need to contact the biller(s) as soon as possible to provide another payment method.

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