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What am I investing in on Stash?

ETFs are a core type of investment option available on Stash. We also offer single stocks.

Some examples of general ETFs on Stash include:

  • The Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive Mix
  • Blue Chips
  • Match the Market

Some of Stash’s ETFs are grouped according to a theme. These include:

  • Clean & Green
  • Pacific Powerhouses
  • Public Works

When you are exploring single stocks available on Stash, you’ll likely recognize most of the companies. Buying stock of companies you know and love can be a great way to diversify your portfolio.

Stash is choosing from thousands of ETFs and stocks to bring you a wide variety of options. We’re choosing what’s available using factors like low fees, managed risk, and historical performance.

How Stash Recommends Investment

We recommend investments especially for you based on your answers to the questions we ask when you’re setting up your account.

For each investment available on Stash, you can:

  • See the primary companies included
  • Read our investment profile
  • Access the fund website for more detailed information

Explore all Stash’s ETFs and see which ones might be right for you.

Or check out single stocks of companies on Stash.

When investing, it’s important to research any potential investments to make sure they meet your needs.

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