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What is rebalancing? When does my Smart Portfolio rebalance?

Smart Portfolios contain various funds that have been pre-selected by the financial team at Stash. When you fund your Smart Portfolio, your specific mix of investments that make up your Smart Portfolio will aim to suit your risk profile. [Learn more about risk profiles here]

Over time, as your individual investments go up or down in value, your portfolio may become more (or less) risky than originally intended. This is where rebalancing comes in—the process of buying and selling investments to make sure your portfolio stays aligned with the original Smart mix based on your risk profile. Stash reviews your Smart Portfolio quarterly to see if it needs to be rebalanced. Portfolios are rebalanced at least once a year1, and require a minimum balance of $5.



1Unless Stash reasonably determines in good faith that such annual rebalancing would not be in your best interest, at which point Stash will notify you that such annual rebalancing will not be performed in your Smart Portfolio. 

Stash has full authority to manage a “Smart Portfolio,” a discretionary managed account.


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