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You should have tax documents from Stash if…

  • You received dividend payments greater than $10 from your Stash Invest investments in 2020.1
  • You received more than $10 in interest on your Stash Invest account.
  • You made a withdrawal from your Stash Retire IRA of $10 or more, or
  • You sold an investment in your Stash Invest account in 2020.
  • You received dividends on any stock owned or any stock sold.
  • You may also generate a form 5498 on June 1 if you made a contribution to your retirement account during 2020.

You likely won’t have tax documents if:

  • You received less than $10 of interest, and/or did not sell any investments before the end of 2020.
  • You have a retirement account with Stash and haven’t made any withdrawals.

If you will receive Stash tax forms, they should be available on or before February 16, 2021, in the Stash app, or on the web, find them here
Please note that nothing written in this article should be construed as investment, legal, or tax advice. Please address specific questions on taxes to a tax professional.

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