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What are the ancillary account fees?

Below is a list of ancillary fees (other potential fees) you may incur that are not included in the monthly advisory fee or Wrap Fee. These fees would be incurred based on a client’s request or other action which is why they are excluded from fees and services covered by the Wrap Fee. 

Should you incur any of these ancillary fees, you will be responsible for paying them in accordance with the terms and conditions of your account opening agreements.*

This list of fees is the current list of ancillary fees. We reserve the right to change these fees in the future. Our affiliated broker-dealer, Stash Capital, may share (with Apex, the Custodian) in a portion of the fees listed below that are paid by any client. In the case Stash Capital and Apex share a fee amount, we believe they have determined a reasonable division based on the respective time and resources of each party needed to address and respond to the Client request or action giving rise to the fee.

For additional information about our fees, please refer to our Advisory Agreement

Bank Transfers:

Initial debit card: $0

Card replacement: $0

Card transactions: $0

Out-of-network ATM withdrawal fee: $2.50

Out-of-network ATM balance inquiry fee: $0.50

Returned ACH transfer: $0.50

Instant transfer to external bank: 1%

Stop payment: $0


Electronic Statement & Electronic Trade Confirms: $0
Paper Confirms:*** $2.50 per confirm
Paper Account and Tax Statements:*** $5 per statement
Paper Prospectuses:*** $1.50 per prospectus
Escheatment processing: $7 per account
Paper Checks: $2 per check**
ACAT (Automated Customer Account Transfer): $75 per account
ACAT Incoming: $0

Cryptocurrency coin transfer to external wallet: $75


In addition to the ancillary fees described above, we also may share in:

  1. Interest earned on uninvested cash in an account held through the sweep programs offered through Apex, the Custodian.
  2. Revenue earned in connection with Apex’s fully paid for securities lending program.
  3. Revenue in connection with payment for order flow. Please see this Ask Stash article for more about payment for order flow.

* Stash and/or its affiliates may, from time to time, decide to refund or waive certain of these ancillary fees. However, any refund or waiver does not change any client’s responsibilities and obligations under the Stash Terms and Conditions to pay similar fees in the future.
**You can avoid a paper check fee by linking your bank account to your Stash account and subsequently requesting a withdrawal (which will be processed via ACH bank transfer).
***Statements, confirms and prospectuses are delivered electronically by default. You can request paper confirms, statements and prospectuses if you choose. Paper confirm, statement, and prospectus fees will occur if there is a typo in your email address that causes these documents to bounce back as undeliverable. Please update your email address in the app or contact our support team if you are incurring paper confirm, statements and prospectus fees.

The use of Stash Capital as an introducing broker-dealer creates certain conflicts of interest for Stash Investments. Stash Investments receives additional revenue in connection with Stash Investments’ client accounts held at Apex. This additional revenue is created by fees that apply to your account and account activities. Additional information regarding these fees can be found in the Stash Investments Advisory Agreement at Stash Capital will share in the revenue earned on securities lending, FDIC sweep on credit balances, PFOF, and other ancillary fees generated by Apex. Stash Investments has an incentive to recommend securities that could be lent for this reason.


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