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Do I need a separate beneficiary for my retire account?

Yes, you will need to designate a beneficiary to your Stash Retire account (even if you already have one for a Stash Invest account).

You can name the same person as the beneficiary of both accounts.

How do I add a beneficiary for my Stash Retire account?

You’ll need to:

  • Download and complete the Stash Retire beneficiary form including Stash Retire account number
  • Send the completed form to Stash Support by email

How do I find my Stash Retire account number?

First, double-check that you’re in your Stash Retire account. Then:

  1. Navigate to Account
  2. Select Bank account
  3. Scroll down to the bottom

Your account number will be a series of digits and letters, beginning with a 7 or 8.

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