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Securities Lending

Securities lending is a kind of investment activity that allows whole-share owners of securities to earn extra income by loaning out their shares. Partial share owners are not eligible for securities lending. 

The owner of the whole-share (the lender) loans their securities to a financial institution, such as a brokerage firm, a bank, or hedge fund. The financial institution is the borrower. The borrower pays a loan fee to the lender in exchange for the securities. The fee varies based on market demand.


Monthly interest payments on top of investment returns

Can still sell security at any time

No voting rights*

Interest payments may not be covered by SIPC protection

*The borrower (not the lender) has the right to vote, provide consent, or take any similar action regarding the loaned securities if deadlines for these actions fall within the term period of the loan.

Opting into securities lending?

Stash automatically opts you into the Securities Lending program when you have more than $50 in your Personal brokerage account and have agreed to participate in the program. 

Opting out of securities lending?

Please contact customer support at or email

Please note, you may still get notifications of payments after the date at which you have opted out.

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