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What Are Stash’s Trading Windows?

Stash uses four trading windows because our platform is not intended to be used for day trading, but rather for long-term investing. By investing small amounts in a diversified portfolio over a long period of time, you can minimize your risk and save for your future. Stash also doesn’t offer margin trading or options trading, which can leave you more open to risk. 

All trades placed are queued up and executed during separate trading windows, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Stash trading windows operate in normal market hours: (i.e. Monday to Friday, excluding market holidays).

While you won’t see real-time share prices on our platform, you can always see the share price your trades were executed at in each trade’s transaction details, viewable in your portfolio1 activity feed.



1 Your cash and securities are held in your brokerage account at Apex Clearing.

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