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What’s a bank transfer reversal fee?

A bank reversal can happen if the bank you are transferring from initiates a transfer cancelation. That’ll show up in your statement as “Apex Clearing (ACH) bank reversal” or return deposit fee. This might happen when your external bank account has insufficient funds, if there’s a duplicate transfer, if a transfer was denied, or if your external bank account is closed or in an invalid state.

The best way to avoid these fees is to make sure your external bank account is in a good state and has enough money in it before starting a transfer or purchasing investments. If you need to cancel a transfer, you should always cancel it in the Stash app rather than disputing it with your bank.

In the event of an ACH reversal, the transferred funds will be returned to the originating account and you’ll be charged a fee of $0.50. Stash covers 100% of this fee.* Note: Stash is not responsible for any other ACH reversal fees, and there may be additional fees charged by other financial institutions.



*This may change in the future.


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