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How Does The #StashStockParty (Stash Stock Party) Work?

What’s a #StashStockParty?
Stock Parties are specific periods of time during which Stashers can claim bonus stock at

When’s the next #StashStockParty?
Parties can happen at any time, but you can follow @stash on Twitter to stay in the know.

Why are the parties at random times?
We want everyone to be able to enjoy a party. No two Stashers have the exact same schedule, so rotating parties allow more people to join in.

How do I know what stock will be awarded?
We’ll let you know what stock we’re giving out when we announce the next party on our Twitter.

How long do I have to join the party?
You know what they say about early birds…

While we encourage you to show up when the party starts, you’ll typically have 30 minutes to claim your bonus stock.

How do #StashStockParty bonuses work?
The total stock given out during a party grows as more people join (also called Party Power). This means your share of the total pot also increases when more people claim stock. 

Everyone at the party gets the same amount of bonus stock. Your bonus is calculated by dividing the total pot by the total number of partiers (aka participants).

You should receive an email within a few days confirming that your stock award has been added to your personal portfolio.

Is there a maximum amount I can earn from #StashStockParty?
No, so keep coming back to party with us. Just know you can only earn a maximum of $5 per day.

I don’t have a Stash. How do I participate in the #StashStockParty?
You can reserve your spot in a party using your email address—just head to the party site ( Then, follow the instructions to complete your account and you’ll get an email to claim your stock. 

Note: Stash subscription fees start at $1, plus fees for any ancillary services charged by Stash. You’ll also be responsible for any standard fees and expenses reflected in the pricing of the ETFs in your account.

I’ve got an account. How do I join the #StashStockParty?
First off, thanks for being a Stasher. Once you get to the party site (, log in with your Stash credentials. Note: If you try to sign up and already have an account, you won’t get your stock.

Why don’t see a party happening on the site?
You’re probably a little ahead of us. Keep an eye on our Twitter and we’ll let you know when to come back.

(p.s. If you see a countdown clock, hang tight. The party will start within the next 24 hours.)

Why didn’t I receive my #StashStockParty award?
If you’re a Stasher, you most likely hit the Sign Up button instead of logging in. Your account could also be incomplete, so try logging in on your app or online. If you’re still having trouble figuring out what happened to your bonus, shoot us an email at

Why was my #StashStockParty award cancelled?
This can happen if you’ve had a returned transfer in the past. Instead, you’ll receive the cash equivalent to your personal portfolio.  

More questions? You can also dig into the full Program Terms and Conditions.

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