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Why is the price that I sold my stocks at different than the price I see in the app after the trade has settled?

When you sell an investment on Stash your transaction is queued up and executed during one of our four trading windows, (two in the morning and two in the afternoon). This means that the sale price of your stocks may change because we don’t immediately sell your investment when you initiate a sale. 

The price you see after the sale has settled is the price at the time we processed your sale. The stock price may have gone up or down since you initiated the sale.

We believe in long-term investing, and we want our clients to not have to sweat the daily ups and downs of the market. That’s why we don’t encourage day trading or offer stop loss orders.

If you want to learn more about our trading windows, check out this article.

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Availability of trading windows is dependent on market conditions and may be subject to limitations.


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