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Why is Stash offering single stocks?

Stashers have continually expressed interest in investing in single stocks as part of their long-term, diversified portfolios. We have also heard that users are looking for a way to invest in a single company to diversify their holdings and support the companies they know and love.

You can buy and sell a stock on Stash just like all of the other ETFs that are available to you on the platform. Stash executes trades (buys and sells) in four trading windows each business day. Stash is designed as a long-term investment tool, and we do not recommend trying to use it as a platform for trading stocks throughout the day.

As a fiduciary, we have your best interest at heart and want to help you build a portfolio fit for the long term. If we find that your portfolio is out of balance because you hold too much of a particular asset class (such as single stocks) we will send you an overexposure warning. (See how diversification can save your portfolio here.)

For more information on investing with single stocks click here.

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