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Withdrawing from your Retirement Portfolio

You can either make a partial withdrawal from your Retirement portfolio (IRA), or you can close it completely. 

Important Note: The minimum age to withdraw money from an IRA is 59 ½ years old. If you withdraw funds from your Retire Portfolio before age 59 ½, you may be subject to tax penalties from the IRS.

Need to close your IRA completely? Check out this article. 

Making a withdrawal from your IRA:

Follow these steps to make a withdrawal from your IRA:

  1. Link your external bank account. Get help linking your bank account here
  2. Sell a portion of your investments held in your IRA (or all of your investments if you want to close your IRA), then wait up to three business days for the sales to settle. Find out how to sell an investment here
  3. Wait up to an additional five business days for any recent deposits on hold to become available to withdraw.
  4. After the deposits are available to withdraw, click here from the web to be taken to your Stash account to begin the withdrawal process. Your money will be sent to your linked bank account within three business days. 
    1. *Important: If you are withdrawing from a Traditional IRA account you must review the mandatory minimum tax withholding information seen here: IRA Close or Withdrawal State IRA Withholding Requirements. If you do not follow these regulations, your transfer could be rejected.

Important Note: Closing your IRA will not close your subscription. Get help closing your subscription

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